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City Council hearing Today @ 4pm on ordinances to limit housing and parking options.

The Hattiesburg City Council will be discussing the passage of the parking ordinance and a noise ordinance at 4pm today. The voting meeting will be held at 6pm Tuesday. Both meetings will be held at City Hall located across from the Saenger theater in the City Council Meeting Room. Call Brad @ 601-606-5926 for directions or more information.

The housing ordinance will be discussed at a later date.

To read the Student Printz's report link through.

The council will consider passing an ordinance to make parking on lawns illegal and a separate ordinance limiting how many unrelated people can live together on a residential property. The housing ordinance will limit the number of unrelated people living together under the same roof to no more than two. This means that an unmarried couple couldn't share rent with a friend or even a sister. We already have a rental shortage, just imagine how hard it would be to find affordable housing if that ordinance passes.

If you don't want these ordinances to pass you need to show up to at least one meeting. You don't have to be registered to vote to come to a meeting. Show up and have your voice heard!
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