electronking (electronking) wrote in mustescapems,

Racism in MS

What is everyone's thoughts on this? Still around? Gone? Don't care?

Personally I think the classic form of racism that we are taught about in history is almost if not entirely dead. You rarely meet someone that harbors the kind of hatred that people used to feel, and if you do the general public of this state shuns them to various degrees.

HOWEVER, there are two forms of racism still alive in Mississippi; racial scapegoating, and social segregation.

I've found members of each group in Mississippi scapegoating the other groups for their problems. "It's always the other guy's fault" as they would say.

As for social segregation, I mean we do very little to become friends with other groups. Each group is to blame for this. No one tries to over come this. I've been all over this state and I rarely see interracial groups of friends.

I think these two types of racism feed off each other. The scapegoating helps people build up walls that will later keep them from starting friendships or worse, lead to destructive and stupid behavior. And by not having friendships with people in other groups, people do not have the knowledge that their stereotypes are wrong.

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