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Well we just got dinner after the Meeting. I am going to post copies of the "to be updated, proposed ordinances" for all three of these topics. It was very obvious that this is intended to curb student behavior because of several comments made by council members such as "well it's not everyone's fault, but we need to do this to prevent the noise and disruption from the seven frat guys in one house." The parking ordinance is apparently motivated by the area of historic Hattiesburg known as "The Oaks". They don't want people detracting from the beauty of the community by parking on lawns. My opinion is that I paid for my grass, if I want to park on it I should be able to. The noise ordinance is in effect to keep people from having parties. Remember, all of these ordinances are passed they will be enforceable with up to a $1000.00 fine and/or 90 days in jail. Carter Carroll said in response to a question about the citizen forum, "We've had a Community Hearing on this and that's all the law requires." Upon further discussion it was suggested that they might have another hearing if the community gives the board the impression that it should have another hearing. To me that's like saying "If we don't hear enough complaints then everyone agrees with us."

Please contact Council Clerk Jennifer Willoughby maintains an office on the second floor of City Hall and can be contacted by telephone at (601) 545-4551, Fax (601) 545-4957, or by E-Mail at

Please remember also you could talk to the individual council members:
HTTP:// has a listing of the council members, Red Bailey should no longer be on the list, ward 4 is now overseen by Dave Ware.
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