The Lola (princesslola) wrote in mustescapems,
The Lola

Reel South Film Fest! This week!

most are from places like Sundance Film Fest! some are local films from local students! one on saturday has Elijah Wood in it!

i read over the list of films a couple days ago and i'm throughly excited! i plan to be there all 3 days!

Tell EVERYONE to go! the more we support stuff like this, the more art and culture we will actually get in Hattiesburg!!!!!! so SUPPORT! BUY A TICKET! THEY ARE ONLY $7/$5!!!


ok... enough caps already.... i'll leave you with this:
the other day i saw a tow truck towing a krispy kreme truck down Hardy St... i thought "wow... that guy must reall like donoughts"
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